Such the Fool

Onlookers in confusion and alarm angrily declare that the door I sit by is closed, locked, and sealed shut so tightly with super glue and cement that only fools would stay and waste their time prying it open. Yet… through the door, I hear another person trying to enter this side of the world. Guess... Continue Reading →

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Fight or Flight? Freeze.

Why don’t I share this story?  Everyone would ask why I didn’t do anything.  And how could I explain that as he struck the back of my head, my vocal cords forgot how to speak because my lungs forgot to breathe, and since my lungs forgot to breathe, my brain got confused, and when my... Continue Reading →

Not Your Lavender

Lifting my head from the edge of the bed, the sheets caress every inch of me, and that damn crack in the flimsy curtain devilishly pours sunshine in my eyes.   Hiding in my pillow from the sunlight, flashbacks of the previous night occur: drinking cheap wine, calling me Lavender, pondering love, sins, and mortality.... Continue Reading →

I Remember

Society taught me not to be happy but to smile. I listened; I conformed. Society ordered combed hair, clean hands, and pressed shirts. I agreed. Society wanted unique, multifarious perfection. Yes, I submitted. Smiling, refined, dead inside. I obeyed.   Then the earth spoke stories to me—gently, softly. Running from a castle through a field... Continue Reading →


I’ve always wondered if ghosts were real. I’ve read many stories and watched many ghost shows to conclude an opinion of my own, and if I’m honest, I’ve never figured out if I believe in them or not. It doesn’t seem to add up, but I can’t prove they’re not legitimate either. However, I can... Continue Reading →

Night Time Adventures

“Grab your coat, leave a note, and run away with me.” We hadn’t known each other long when you first said that. You probably don’t even remember telling me that, and I’m pretty sure you stole it from a movie because you’re obsessed with films, but I don’t really mind because it made me laugh... Continue Reading →

Am I Good Enough?

Of course, I am. But damn it, when my heart pounds in my chest as my hands wring together, and I look to the ground nervously... when I apologize for words that hold no offense except that they are expressions of my own happiness... when my first instinct is to doubt the sincerity of other peoples' kindness to me.... I... Continue Reading →

Puzzle Pieces

Our life was a puzzle, slowly piecing its way into a beautiful picture —but good heavens!—you flipped the damn table, and now all the pieces are scattered on the floor! Why would you cause this mess for us? - You’re beckoning me to help you piece our life together… using words like teamwork and compassion.... Continue Reading →

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