A Quest for Rest

If even my home must be magazine perfect, where then may I rest? ~Carefully Random~  

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Paint a Picture

     Wisps of grey stained the air as red fingertips greeted a blue sky. Bypassing awkward introductions, the bloody dye embraced the aqua watercolor lovingly for a dance. As though they were old friends—no—as though they were rekindled lovers, the cerise and cyan waltzed; each stride drawing the colors daringly closer. Droplets of purple formed... Continue Reading →

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The Choice

You can either stop or continue… how simple yet vexing the choice. ~Carefully Random~    

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The Mediocracy of Simplicity

I enjoy a challenge; I always have. It is one of my greatest strengths, but it is also one of my greatest weaknesses. It is a strength because I can overcome most curve balls that life throws at me whether it is in my academic, professional, or personal life. However, it is a weakness because... Continue Reading →

“That’s my girl”

  Fate is not real, but hearing him say, “That’s my girl,” made me have some doubts. ~ Like a spell master, he proclaimed, “That’s my girl,” and my heart nodded yes. ~ Curse the fool I am, but when he said, “That’s my girl,” I knew it was true. ~Carefully Random~

Such the Fool

Onlookers in confusion and alarm angrily declare that the door I sit by is closed, locked, and sealed shut so tightly with super glue and cement that only fools would stay and waste their time prying it open. Yet… through the door, I hear another person trying to enter this side of the world. Guess... Continue Reading →

Fight or Flight? Freeze.

Why don’t I share this story?  Everyone would ask why I didn’t do anything.  And how could I explain that as he struck the back of my head, my vocal cords forgot how to speak because my lungs forgot to breathe, and since my lungs forgot to breathe, my brain got confused, and when my... Continue Reading →


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